Del Mar area guide

The beautiful beach city of Del Mar is located in San Diego County in California. By the 2014 census, its population was estimated at 4,311 which was an increase from the 4, 161 in 2010. The city covers a total area of 1.8sq miles with 1.7 of it being landmasses while the other one 0.1 is water. Many businesspersons have been visiting this area for various activities. Their business trips around Del Mar has been of great success through the help of the detailed area guides. The area has many activities carried out. They range from co-curriculum to business activities. For new, visitors in this area, understanding the major areas helps them a big deal.

04_granddelmarext_inhouseDel Mar area guide


In Del Mar, many of their activities are carried out in areas along beaches. Such games as volleyball are done at beaches. In addition, some parking lots are along these beaches. With roads running down to these areas, people have easily accessed the areas for their different activities.


Del Mar beach has been braced with such stunning beautiful hotels located on somehow inland. Among them is the Fairmont Grand Del Mar hotel. It is among the few AAA Five Diamond properties so far in San Diego. It has 249 high class rooms and a Diamond Five Star restaurant making it just the best. The hotel is mostly used during such events as the San Diego County Fair and also the Del Mar Races among many other activities.


As noted above, Fairmont Grand Del Mar hotel accommodates this ASAP Five Diamond and Mobil Five Star restaurant. Al kinds of food and drinks are available. The unique scenes from the restaurant across the city makes having meals there much enjoyable. Examples of food served include pig tail, cuttlefish white cheddar burger and chicken tacos among many other kinds of food.


For personal needs shopping, the Del Mar Plaza offers the best commodities, food and drinks in this area. For visitors, they have been braced for availed with such services as fine dinning, beautiful unique galleries, sculptures and palazzo-style terraces, an elegant atmosphere of fountains and a scenery view of the overlying Pacific Ocean.


01_caminodelmar_lizlaingAs many people have experienced even back in their own towns, parking lots has not been such an easy thing to find especially in busy towns. Therefore, parking in Del Mar has also been a challenge especially during spring and summer months. Therefore, visitors are advised for street parking in residential and commercial neighboring areas. Other parking lots are available in shopping centers on downtown Del Mar. However, one should check to avoid parking lots reserved for such individuals as patrons of shops and restaurants. In addition, metered parking is available.


In conclusion, Del Mar has offered many business activities for both its residents and even visitors. The area guides available have made doing business around this beautiful beach area smooth even for visitors. Therefore, doing business in Del Mar will accompany enjoyable scenery, delicious food, and fresh cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean.