Fine Living in Del Mar

Del Mar has for long, country wide been the one stop shop for thoroughly bred fast horses. In addition to its horses, there are excellent hotels that provide an exquisite cuisine and also beautiful beaches. Del Mar area guide shows the variety of amenities like beach style hotels, favorite restaurants, and exclusive shops. There is also the farmer’s market where one can get fresh produce.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar is one of the jewels of Del Mar. It is composed of 249 luxury rooms, a world class 8-hole golf course, an award-winning spa coupled with Diamond Restaurant which is the only five-star hotel in Southern California. Hilton San Diego Del Mar is right across the street providing 257 luxury rooms. The hotel becomes very popular during the San Diego County Fair and Del Mar Races.santa-clara-del-mar-439551_1920

The Addison is the only AAA Five Diamond and Mobile Five Star restaurant in San Diego. It is located in The Fairmont Grand Del Mar. Here there are top chefs like Chef William Bradley, who will prepare French cuisine that is second to none in the whole city. The luxurious restaurant is paired with a top notch wine selection house which is made of glass from the floor to the ceiling. Located in the luxurious L’Auberge Del Mar Kitchen1540 offers a unique menu that includes exotic organics like micro-greens that are grown from the restaurant’s hydroponic garden. Pigtail, rabbit, and cuttlefish are exotics also present on the menu.

An area is never complete without shopping centers and recreational centers. In fact, these are more often than not the deciding factor for most home buyers when choosing a home for their family. The Del Mar Plaza is located strategically to give a breathtaking view of the Pacific. One can enjoy the fine dining, high fashion, and food. Del Mar Plaza is marred with sculptures, fountains, and terraces that complement the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

villa-cortine-palace-949550_1920As mentioned earlier, Del Mar is close to very exclusive beaches in Southern California. There are beaches like the Del Mar Beach, The River Mouth, North Del City Beach, which is considered by many as the finest beach in San Diego and South Del Mar City, along the cliff-lined beach that is ideal for walks and jogs.

Found at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, The Grand GOLF Club Is the only course in San Diego designed by Tom Fazio. The course is 7000 yards with 71 par and melts perfectly into Del Mar’s beautiful landscape. If you are looking for adventure, then you might find the hot air balloon ride fascinating. Del Mar’s wind and geography favors the balloon ride and will enable you to drift through the clouds while sipping down some very classy wine or champagne.

The Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve offers 4,000 acres of natural beauty. It is the perfect place for hiking and cycling. There are also a large variety of wildlife in the area with over 175 bird species and 500 plant varieties. Mammals, amphibians, and reptiles also have a heavy presence in the area.